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Best new Internet Videos – Best Internet Video Web Sites

March 8, 2008

Best Internet Videos

It’s the new Its JerryTime! animated episode called “Sex and Violence,” a true story about producing an underground movie in Chicago. It features HBO comedienne Kristen Schaal, the legendary rock group “The Residents” and the chaotic angst of the Emmy-winning Its JerryTime! series….




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Are you an illegal alien thinking of crossing the border and visiting the US for the first time? Need some guidance from a ditsy blonde….




The Political Season is heating up and the parodies are coming fast and furious. This is one of the most popular videos on the Internet this week –


Under Barack ObamaUmbrella Parody – This is from one of our favorite shows – MAD TV


Check out the Ron Paul Girl aka the Obama Girl Nightmare


The producers say “this video pissed off a bunch of morons (i.e., Ron Paul supporters who were too damn stupid to understand its intent)





videoPresident Lincoln Hires Ninjas: Don Tales Two! Don’t you wish your school was a bit like this… or maybe it really is — a special preview from the upcoming Owen Wilson film “DrillBit Taylor – Budget Bodyguard. More at




What Every Man Wants i...Guys – if you had your druthers; what would you want in your bed? Check out this short demo – ps – this clip is safe for girlfriends and wives to watch What Every Man Wants




Target PracticeThis is really stupid, sexist and simple. But amazingly funny in a sort of low IQ way. You could do this!



Target Practice The best shooting you’ve ever seen.


Are you an alcoholic and a sexist pig? Then you love these series of films from that uses cute girls in slightly sexist outfits as they explain the history of some of the more popular cocktails and how to make them. This is a brilliant concept for a viral video series. Portraits in Intoxication ================================================================Great Internet Video Web Sites

The Shirtless Apprentice is a weekly Internet web series about digital video production starring the very clever video apprentice himself, Matt and his blond mute friend. Each episode provides useful information about the production of digital video for online viewing and distribution. Very informative and much fun for the whole family! Forget the goofy web site title, this is a very good site for learning the basics of video production.

Its the new and improved – Internet Video Version of “Candid Camera”! MySpace, the world’s most popular social network, today announced the launch of ‘Special Delivery’ ( <> ), an outrageous, non-scripted hidden-camera reality show in association with Avalon TV and its executive producers Jason Irwin and Garth Holsinger. The launch of ‘Special Delivery’ marks MySpace’s second co-development project and the second original web show created specifically for MySpaceTV ( read press release

Do you have issues with relationships? – check out this funny series of videos at YouTube – On the Couch – Catie Lazarus has some love and relationship issues and needs a therapist. She found the most experienced one out there…you!

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