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Best Internet Videos – Valentines Day Videos

February 12, 2010

Best Internet Videos of the Week

Best new internet videos and web videos – best free videos – best music video and funny video

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WATCH Valentines Day Videos – Videos about Love and Relationships

We don’t usually spotlight commercials but these CareerBuilder spots are really funny. Especially if you are at work and are being driven crazy by your co-workers. “Casual Friday” was featured during the Super Bowl game Another LanguageAnother Language Job FairyJob Fairy Big Game Commercial: Casual FridayCasual Friday Worst Seat

Worst Seat

Nothing says “I like you” like a Valentine’s Day Handjob! Get Two Handjobs for under $5

Written & Directed by Matt Thiesen and David Stanbra
Shot by Jonathon Narducci
Starring John Weselcouch, Irena Murphy & Milan Christopher
Produced by Matt Thiesen, David Stanbra and Keri Picolla
Original Music by Austin Meredith
Edited by Matt Thiesen

Have you ever thought this? ‘Everyone Has Had More Sex Than Me’

Here’s a cute animated animated music video by Bernard Derriman. Presented by Madman, the cartoon is cute and catchy with a naughty bit or two. The music is by Australia’s TISM (This Is Serious Mum)

Quicktime BroadbandNarrowband

Windows Media BroadbandNarrowband

The Breakup Film – this is a great parody of classic black & white educational – self help movies. Its all about displacement. How to get over your first love.

5 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts

An unsuspecting woman is the beneficiary of the 5 worst Valentine’s Day gifts… Guys. You ought to watch this. It will save your butt….

5 Worst Valentine's Day Gifts 18
A Sexy Surprise by Liv Films 00:52 Liv Films

A Sexy Surprise by Liv Films

Some surprises are better than others. Happy Valentine’s Day

Toyota Spokesperson: Don’t Panic! Toyota is working hard to fix their cars now that they’re recalling most of them.

Credits: Starring Nicol Paone
Directed and Edited by Neil Mahoney
Written by Lauren Palmigiano
Ke$sha Tik Tok Music Video Parody! It’s an Intervention!

Wake up in the morning looking greener than Shrek
Sleeping in a tub can really mess up your neck
Before I leave I stop and vomit up tequila and glitter
I’m spending every morning with my head in the s**tter
Got vomit in my hair
But I’m way too sick to care
Now I’m falling down the stairs
I pull myself off the floor
Then I’m almost at the door
But my family is waiting for me
Oh crap not again
Its an intervention
Its cool I’m fine
I can stop at any time

“Demon Sheep” haunts Senate race in California
The Internet video, which features a man in a sheep costume with glowing red eyes crawling around a meadow, has gone viral – This political assassination ad is so overblown that it is hilarious…. Unless of course, you are tom Campbell

V.I.P. MinisodesMinisodeNetwork

10 episodes – The short summary is cleavage and explosions. The long version involves the cute and clueless Vallery Irons, an unlikely figurehead of a professional bodyguard agency called V.I.P.

Starring: Pamela Anderson Watch This Show

Fight for Kisses

Fight for Kisses – this is a great funny commercial. Men battle their babies for their wife’s affections. Who is going to win? Dad or baby. Watch and find out. Great animation!  Mama – who you gonna cuddle….
What is romance all about? Check out Brown Rice – a warm and fuzzy animation from the infamous Elmer Lang. Must be Valentines Day nearby….Elmer says “A scantily-clad beauty, gratuitous sexiness…but enough about my role. There’s also a gratuitously hot babe. The odd thing is, we’re not even what’s risqué about this flick.”
BREAKING NEWS FROM THE ONION – VH1 Reality Show Bus Crashes In California Causing Major Slut Spill – Must watch. Who cares about Global Warming when we are inundated with slut spills?
Slut Spill
Hitler responds to the iPad
The iPAD parodies are coming – run for the hills, the iPAD parodies are coming …Hitler responds to the iPad

Hitler has been dreaming about the day that Apple’s tablet will be announced. That day has come and he is not pleased
New Apple iPad
Apple’s iPad is the new thing in town, but this video was made 3 years ago back in 2007. This video is slightly NSFW

Have you ever played Twister? Check out this funny parody commercial which shows why you ought to ….
Honest Twister Commercial
For sexually frustrated people ages 8 and up.

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Best new Internet Videos – Best Internet Video Web Sites

March 8, 2008

Best Internet Videos

It’s the new Its JerryTime! animated episode called “Sex and Violence,” a true story about producing an underground movie in Chicago. It features HBO comedienne Kristen Schaal, the legendary rock group “The Residents” and the chaotic angst of the Emmy-winning Its JerryTime! series….




Best Internet Videos of the Week Best Video Web Sites of the Week Best Internet Music Videos
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Are you an illegal alien thinking of crossing the border and visiting the US for the first time? Need some guidance from a ditsy blonde….




The Political Season is heating up and the parodies are coming fast and furious. This is one of the most popular videos on the Internet this week –


Under Barack ObamaUmbrella Parody – This is from one of our favorite shows – MAD TV


Check out the Ron Paul Girl aka the Obama Girl Nightmare


The producers say “this video pissed off a bunch of morons (i.e., Ron Paul supporters who were too damn stupid to understand its intent)





videoPresident Lincoln Hires Ninjas: Don Tales Two! Don’t you wish your school was a bit like this… or maybe it really is — a special preview from the upcoming Owen Wilson film “DrillBit Taylor – Budget Bodyguard. More at




What Every Man Wants i...Guys – if you had your druthers; what would you want in your bed? Check out this short demo – ps – this clip is safe for girlfriends and wives to watch What Every Man Wants




Target PracticeThis is really stupid, sexist and simple. But amazingly funny in a sort of low IQ way. You could do this!



Target Practice The best shooting you’ve ever seen.


Are you an alcoholic and a sexist pig? Then you love these series of films from that uses cute girls in slightly sexist outfits as they explain the history of some of the more popular cocktails and how to make them. This is a brilliant concept for a viral video series. Portraits in Intoxication ================================================================Great Internet Video Web Sites

The Shirtless Apprentice is a weekly Internet web series about digital video production starring the very clever video apprentice himself, Matt and his blond mute friend. Each episode provides useful information about the production of digital video for online viewing and distribution. Very informative and much fun for the whole family! Forget the goofy web site title, this is a very good site for learning the basics of video production.

Its the new and improved – Internet Video Version of “Candid Camera”! MySpace, the world’s most popular social network, today announced the launch of ‘Special Delivery’ ( <> ), an outrageous, non-scripted hidden-camera reality show in association with Avalon TV and its executive producers Jason Irwin and Garth Holsinger. The launch of ‘Special Delivery’ marks MySpace’s second co-development project and the second original web show created specifically for MySpaceTV ( read press release

Do you have issues with relationships? – check out this funny series of videos at YouTube – On the Couch – Catie Lazarus has some love and relationship issues and needs a therapist. She found the most experienced one out there…you!

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Best New Internet Videos – How to create your own Internet or Viral Video

March 1, 2008

Best Internet Video

Ok, the Hollywood writers strike is over. But what happens if the actors go out on strike, then what? Will we have to get robots to do all the acting in the movies and TV shows? Check out this funny series of short animations from Liquid Generation – Robots Can’t Act. Check out Juno as done by robots.

Robots can’t Act – Pulp Fiction
Robots Can’t Act – Office Space


Are you a master of your zoom? Do you find yourself watching back your videos and thinking – huh, what was I thinking? That easy to use zoom control button is the most commonly abused control on your camcorder. 35x zoom can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Here is a fun little tutorial about how to take control of your zoom more

President Bear, the series

f the President of the United States suddenly became a bear, would the rest of the world notice?


Creating good audio is often the most difficult challenge when creating videos and home movies – especially for those who use consumer grade camcorders.

It is easy to fool the eye but very difficult to fool the ear.

Tips on How to Get Great Sound for Your Home and Family Video Movies

Flight of the Conchords Ep2 She’s So Hot – Boom This is so bad it is good. Cool concept and retro production – Are you the boom king?

If you like that, you’ll love this…Flight of the Conchords Ep 10 ‘Ladies of the World’ and A Kiss is Not a Contract’ A kiss is not a contract But it’s very nice Mmmmm, very nice Just because you’ve been exploring my mouth


What Do You Need to Know to Make Movies with your Camcorder

Here is our guide to some of the best FREE video editing programs and applications

* How to Make Money With Internet Video the guide to converting your video skills and creativity into cash


Smashing Pumpkin Exclusive live on MySpace Music / and MySpaceTV. The video is the first time anyone will have heard the studio version of “Superchrist”. Violin by Ysanne Spevack. Guest appearances by Gary and Sky Saxon from The Seeds on Tambourine and Bass. Also appearing: Linda Starberry, Kristin Burns, Hanna Beth, Audrey Kitching, and Sasha Grey. Directed and edited by Justin Coloma.


The Basics of Making Great Movies with Your Camcorder How to Put your Videos Up On YouTube – YouTube is currently the world’s most popular video upload site and gets about 65,000 or more videos a day submitted to them. The Guide to over 500 Top Video Web Sites – The WORLD’S BEST VIDEO WEB SITES



One Vagical Night

This is brilliant and very funny and a bit crass…. One Vagical NightShe’s not a stripper…she is an artist. Strippers require so much more than a pretty face to make an impression these days.




The World’s Funniest Videos & Movies

How to Put your Videos Up On YouTube – YouTube is currently the world’s most popular video upload site and gets about 65,000 or more videos a day submitted to them.

Industry Shows and Conferences – Where to go, what to see

ARTICLE ARCHIVE – the best Internet Video Magazine articles from the last five years Animal Videos – Cats, Dogs and everything else

NEW – Videos about Love, Romance & Relationships

Las Vegas Videos and Clips



The Flight of the Bumble BeeThis is wild – Check out the Great Kat doing The Flight of the Bumble Bee. THE GREAT KAT is the world famous Juilliard graduate violin virtuoso-turned high speed Neo-Classical Guitar Shredder, named “Top 10 Fastest Shredders of All Time” (Guitar One Magazine) and “The 100 Wildest Guitar Heroes” (Classic Rock Magazine).



Best New Internet Video, New Funny Internet Video

January 18, 2008

WATCH THIS Dr. Phil’s New Show is a hilarious sketch which takes on two of the most annoyingly ubiquitous things about modern TV–incessant promos and Dr.Phil. OK, its not really Dr. Phil, its  Harry Shearer.

And if you liked that, check out Harry as Elvis with constipation – All Backed Up .  Rock out…


Not in My Family Not in My Family – The kids are back in school but all is not well. A guidance counselor reveals the horrifying truth about a young boy to his mother… and the difficult — but necessary — steps she must take. Directed by Henry Saine


Lone Rider This is brilliant, Short, cute and oh so very true And extremely well made. If you are a film maker, you got to spend a couple minutes with this flick. Sometimes a filmmaker’s greatest challenge is simply raising cash. But financial woes won’t deter this director.


One of the Top Videos of 2007

At the Cebu Capitol” The inmates of CPDRC performed a surprise number in front of Capitol. This performance was a request by the inmates as their contribution to the 438th Founding anniversary Celebration. 
“Thriller” (original upload) 1500 plus CPDRC inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center,



Three of the featured artists from – ANDY MILONAKIS, DAVID WAIN, and DON WAS – got together in an LA studio to record this song about Las Vegas. Two days later, Andy performed it live at a party in the Palms Hotel hosted by PEREZ HILTON.



The Endless DesertThe Endless Desert – Directed by Joe Lewis.  You always got to look your best. Even in the middle of nowhere. Wonderfully made with an hilarious cheesy sound track. Ya got to see this.



Crass? You want Crass? Check out the Lynn Spears Abortion Song – from MYSpace Video. Song inspired by the Spears family.  DVD at PETERCOFFIN . COM


TriggerStreetTV – “Displacement” – A Short Film Spotlight:  In this  podcast, TriggerStreet TV  looks at the short film “Displacement” with a brief introduction from the filmmaker, Chris Perry.  It is a short computer-animated film about an individual tempted by change.  The film was one of twelve overall Nominees that went to the end of season judging phase of the TriggerStreet 2nd Film Festival Season.

download to watch it : ep26-TrigTV.mp4


A Hitch in the PlanAwesome Upload:
A Hitch in the Plan
– Who (or what) is chasing this woman?



Evangeline Lilly Wins ‘Best Wet T-Shirt Fight Scene’ At Strong Women In TV Awards – From the Onion – Today Now!’s own Tracy Gill attended the Strong Women in TV Awards, which proves women on TV can be attractive and sexy.

Do you Dig Digg?  Check out Kina and her hot new song – “Gotta Digg”

Music for the web 2.0 generation



Attack of the Killer Rubber Ducky (trailer)This is a trailer of a funny short film created by a film student at Los Angeles City College. Almost every film student, at one time or another, does a parody of shower scene from Psycho. I did mine with Toasters. Rubber Duckies are good.

TOP VIDEOS of 2007

Here are the top ten Internet Videos of 2007 from AtomFilms – they release a new video nearly every day on AtomFilms –  Enjoy the very best of the best from this year…

Here is the Top Ten Pick for Best Viral Videos of 2007 – from AOL Video


Voxant  is offering up the best video news stories of 2007. From Japanese Love Dolls to snakes in a bathtub to the world’s best butt, the Voxant Newsroom was stuffed to the rafters with great content in 2007. Here’s a look back at the best of the best.

Click here for the Voxant Best of 2007


Top 10 Videos of the Year
Here is YouTube’s collection of the Top Ten Videos of the year based upon view counts, most shared, most discussed, top rated and general popularity, here is the list.

Rolling Stone Magazine’s  Twenty-Five Favorite Music Videos of 2007: Nine Inch Nails, Kanye West and More


Top 5 Viral-Video Ads of 2007

Cadbury’s gorilla drummer ad, with more than 5 million views for the original video on YouTube, was the top viral-video ad, followed by Smirnoff’s Green Tea Partay, with 3.4mm views, according to agency GoViral, reports the Financial Times.

COOL VIDEO SITES is a new destination website where consumers can access thousands of free how-to videos on demand. Both fun and factual, MonkeySee videos are a great source for advice and demonstrations by accomplished experts. is a place for anyone seeking or sharing knowledge. Visitors will find topics and experts that range from sensible to sensational, and solutions for everything from fitness to finance.  more


Hot For HotForWords Button HOT FOR WORDS – We love this site. Take a beautiful blonde with an adorable European accent and have her explain the derivation of many of our popular terms, words, slang terms and sayings. This is so cool. And a bit hot. Who needs PBS to explain language? Tell us all, Marina





Looking for a video editing program that is easy to use? And FREE?  You can download and use Pinnacle Systems free VideoSpin™ video editing and sharing application from more

Do you like to Make Stuff? Are you geeky and love technological puzzles and projects? Then check out this new book – Make The Best of 75 Projects – After two years, MAKE has become one of most celebrated new magazines to hit the newsstands, and certainly one of the hottest reads. If you’re just catching on to the MAKE phenomenon and wonder what you’ve missed, this book contains the best DIY projects from the magazine’s first ten volumes — a surefire collection of fun and challenging activities going back to MAKE’s launch in early 2005.

Solving the Camcorder Shopping Crisis

Buying a Camcorder is harder than ever before

There are a plethora of differing technologies to pick from as well as a bewildering assortment of features and capabilities that need to be examined. It is not easy. Here is a guide to what you need to know in order to buy the right kind of camcorder for you, your business and your family

How to Make Movies and Internet Videos with Your Camcorder – Tips, Deals,

Internet Video Magazine – the Guide to the Best Video on the Internet and How to Create your own Internet Movies

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Best Internet Videos – Best Internet Videos of 2007

December 29, 2007

Here are the top ten Internet Videos of 2007 from AtomFilms – they release a new video nearly every day on AtomFilms – Enjoy the very best of the best from this year…

Here is the Top Ten Pick for Best Viral Videos of 2007 – from AOL Video

Time Magazine’s- Top Ten Viral Videos of the Year – the mainstream press picks out their favorites – do you agree?


Nominate your top ten and we will print your list – make sure you send links as well


Top Viral Videos of 2007 – “Leave Britney Alone!” and other most-searched web videos.

Christmas Collabed OutTis the season for Christmas Collaboration videos. Here are some of the out takes of ones you might have seen. And some you may never…


Jibjab Year in Review

The year wouldn’t be complete without a JibJab 2007 Year in Review. And what 2007 Year in Review would be complete without Britney Spears, Alberto Gonzalez, Michael Vick and the almighty iPhone? This funny animation has them all, and so much more!


Best Internet Video – How to make Internet Video – Video Production tips for professionals, indie movie makers and enthusiasts

December 2, 2007

Lighting for Interviews Do you know how to light an interview properly for video?

 A Look at 3:2 Pulldown 24 frame production in a 30-frame world. All about Drop frame versus Non-Drop Frame


The Plug-In PavilionThe editor’s tools: 3D compositing, titling, FX creation, lighting, color-correction and more with  BorisFX, Graffiti 5.1, Red 4, and Boris Blue 2.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio+DVD 8, released almost stealthily in early/mid 2007, continues to focus on easy creation of movies and slideshows, especially to share online, plus on DVD with the included DVD Architect Studio software  The higher-end Platinum Edition adds expanded HD video support (HDV, Sony AVCHD), surround-sound audio mixing, and professional video effects. more


How to Make Movies and Internet Videos with Your Camcorder – Tips, Deals, What to Buy this Holiday Season

Solving the 2007 Holiday Camcorder Shopping Crisis

Buying a Camcorder for this year’s Holiday Shopping Season is the most confusing ever

There are a plethora of differing technologies to pick from as well as a bewildering assortment of features and capabilities that need to be examined. It is not easy. Here is a guide to what you need to know in order to buy the right kind of camcorder for you, your business and your family


Best Videos

Are you getting ready to celebrate the holidays by eating too much? Check out these how to be healthy videos from

1. How To Do a Pilates Abdominal Workout


2. How To Do a Home Practice Yoga Workout

3. How To Deskercise


4. How To Do an In-Flight Fitness Workout


5. How To Reward Yourself With Some Good Old-Fashioned Gluttony


Each of the above listed clips features a high definition video, a list of materials and ingredients that will be needed, a step-by-step breakdown of instructions, links for additional information and feedback from other users.   


VideoJug is also encouraging its visitors to upload their own videos sharing shopping secrets, holiday survival tips, and other general useful advice via


Comedian Lauren Weedman (AKA Lauren Butterfield) shows us her version of “the basics” when it comes to sexual positions. This episode is one from her new series “Our Bodies, Myself” on It’s instructional, it’s warped, it’s a must see. Its goofy….


If you like Paris Hilton, you’ll love this mash-up of hot Paris clips – it’s a Christmas in Paris? 

More Paris Videos

Paris Hilton: It Came With No Talent Paris Hilton in “It Came With No Talent” and “Tom Cruise: The Wolf-boy!” in this 1950s b-movie trailer. 



Measuring Up
Every husband wants to know: “How do I measure up to the other guys? Warning – adult language and concepts

While you are at Atom Films, you might as well check out their collection of the 5 Best Make-Out Scenes on the Web

Are you into dirt bikes and motocross? Check out this  inside look at the “Life of a Privateer”

Billy Arnone AKA Willis has been riding dirt bikes for 22 years. Tag along as he and the rest of the MX Mafia riders gives you an inside look at the life of a professional motocross rider.


No Country For Grumpy Old Men

It’s kind of like “No Country For Old Men“, but with a lot more snow-related slapstick and fishing pranks. And it’s a hell of a lot more terrifying…

Chad Vader Hits On Obama Girl –  Chad Vader chats up Obama Girl and answers the questions you’ve been dying to ask yourself, but you haven’t had the time.

Wonderful performance in a supporting role. A too-hot-for-TV scene from VH1’s Totally Awesome. It is a Totally Awesome Orgasm. This is why it is called acting.



Best Internet Videos – Internet Video Tutorial = Guide to Internet Video

November 10, 2007

The Internet Video Magazine Guide to the Best Internet Videos – Internet Video Tutorial – Internet Video News

The Teenagers Guide to Making Movies for the Net

 How can you help your teens safely make great videos for the Internet?  

Many of us have teenagers who want to use our camcorders and our editing gear and computers to make movies. Of course, there are many teens that already have their own cameras and editing gear, and just need a little guidance regarding how to best utilize these resources. more


How We Met

With music by Son of Dave, this is the story of a stickman and stickwoman drawn on bodies falling in love.

This is a brilliant and very unique piece of animated film making. How We met. Check it out. Not only is it very, very cool from a technical perspective, it is also a lot of fun. And when you are done watching, visit their site to see how they actually made it


Green Screen Tutorial – all about how to set up and use green screen for fun and dramatic video effects. Put your subject on the moon, in Paris or anywhere you can imagine. more


Would you go out with iJustine? Dating an Internet celebrity can be quite challenging and full of drama, especially if its a live webcast and even worse, if you are a bit too geeky. Check this out


Web 2.0 and Home Video – Home Movies – The term “Web 2.0” has been discussed and analyzed on the blogosphere for several years, although many consumers have probably never heard of the term.   Web 2.0, however, is extremely relevant to home movies for the reason that, as the Internet and social networking become more powerful and interactive, it becomes easier and easier for the so-called Baby Boomer generation to use them.  And these Boomers are the ones who have closets and basements full of home movie reels, tapes, slides and photos that are degrading.  more


Anniversary PresentLove is tough – and sometimes you just give too much. And then it all gets a bit confused. Check this out – Anniversary Present from Atom Films and Human Scale Productions.  


Help Sony Music create a new music video for Tori Amos – Tori Amos Bouncing Off Clouds Green Screen Video Contest

The winning video will premiere on Tori’s official website and the Grand Prize winner plus a friend will be flown to a show on Tori’s US tour!   more


This is hilarious and will scramble your brains with laughter.When a carton of eggs is taken out of the fridge, they soon learn that life is not all it’s cracked up to be.


Consumer Video Editing Software Reviews:

CyberLink PowerDirector

Ulead VideoStudio

Pinnacle Studio 11

Roxio Easy Media Creator

Adobe Premiere Elements

Muvee AutoProducer

Adobe Premiere Elements 6 and Adobe Photoshop 4 Bundle

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    Wrap Around with Dave and Tom Part 2 Comedy Documentary

    This is a hilariously wonderful spoof of BBC and Discovery Channel documentaries with hot girls and Richard Lagina (david beeler) and scientist Dr. George Flightus (tom konkle) finally reveal the mysterious, unseen comedy comedy of a troupe known only as, McFwap. McFwap stars Stephanie Stearns Gino C. Vianelli Michael Neil and dave and Tom.



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    Are you a fan of Star Wars and the various characters? Have you ever wondered what Darth and the bad boys have to go through to get a date? Check out this flick – Darth Vader in Love – Part 2 Nothing like a nice Star War’s interrogation and torture session to fan the flames of romance


    Oprah and YouTube: Made For Each Other
    by Gavin O’Malley
    When Oprah speaks, people listen. YouTube’s partners have included MySpace and both of the nation’s leading political parties. Now the omnipresent video-sharing site has reached a deal with Harpo Productions to distribute the Oprah channel online. –
    Read the whole story

    Free video-editing suites

    This is from CNET – There are lots of options regarding video-editing software. If you have some money to burn, you have a lot of choices, such as Final Cut, Premiere, and others. But what if you have no money? We have some solutions for you, too. Get the scoop on free video-editing software in Peter Butler’s post to the Daily Download blog. Best free video-editing apps.


    Here is the amazing original dove evolution video




     If you like the real Dove videos, you’ll love this Dove Evolution Parody – Slob Evolution




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    Internet Video & Broadcast Industry Events