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Best Funny Videos – New Funny Internet Video

March 22, 2008

videoAre you addicted to the Internet? What would your life be like without your daily dose of email, web news, MySpace, etc. Watch this and wonder what is next for you….


Spitzer for Emperors Club VIP from FOD TeamSpitzer for Emperors Club VIP – you can guess what this parody commercial is all about – Not safe for work or little kids…. This Eliot plays with hookers,


This is great … and not too nasty… 99 Words For Boobs to the tune of 99 Red Balloons Very cute and fun…Written by and performed by Robert Lund

How To Get A Girl To Flash YouOn a related subject How To Get A Girl To Flash You – this is funny and sort of hokey



Super Worse from PleaseDontSueUsSuperBad 2: Super Worse (01:54

Things take a darker turn in the second chapter of the SuperBad Franchise. This is a great scary mash up of the SuperBad trailer…


End the Plight of Abandoned Shopping Carts Everywhere – Cart Whisperer – World Premiere

Howdy, I’m Liberty Fillmore, Cart Whisperer. You can help save abandoned shopping carts…




What Do You Need to Know to Make Movies with your Camcorder

Here is our guide to some of the best FREE video editing programs and applications

* How to Make Money With Internet Video the guide to converting your video skills and creativity into cash





This is hilarious. Gals – have you ever been stuck on the blind date from hell? How do you get rid of the obnoxious slob without breaking his fragile heart or making him hate your forever?

Hot to Ditch a Bad Date



You have been looking for this hot sex tape with Eva haven’t you – well here it is … The Long lost sex tape with Eva Longoria and Perry Hilton. Damn, she is hot in bed.

video thumbnailSunshine Horsley – Hippie Doctor, M.D.

Before there was HOUSE, there was SUNSHINE HORSLEY, Hippie Doctor, M.D. By the Ministry




Girls – looking to find out how to train your man – get him to behave and be the loving, sweet guy he potentially could be? Check out this video -aptly titled “How to Train Your Man” at Love University at


The Pogues and Joe Strummer – London Calling what could be better for dancing on St. Patrick’s day?




Hey we got it here first,, or maybe second or third. It’s Britney Spear’s new video. Great animation. “Break the Ice”



21 Accents – Amy Walker does a little tour of 21 accents in 2 1/2 minutes. From the UK and Ireland to Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, France, Australia, LA, Texas, etc., etc. Amazing…