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A Short History of Rock Stars in Super Bowl Ads

2008’s Super Sunday will feature ads with star turns by Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, Macy Gray, Alice Cooper and LL Cool J, as well as music by Madonna and Shakira. But will these new advertisements top some of the most memorable commercials featuring rock stars from the past? Here’s a look back at some of the most eye-catching and clever ads in Super Bowl history, featuring Christina Aguilera, Ozzy Osbourne and a whole lot of MC Hammer.


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Guys what could be worse than having your cute girlfriend sabotage your Super Bowl Sunday party with the guys? Check out this cute little flick from AtomFilms – Lonely Dave: Super Bowl Suck Day

Mex Vs. BC (Born Citizen) Pt. 1- “TRAVEL” – This is great – sort of a parody of the Apple Mac vs PC Microsoft commercials – this compares the travails of a whiny US citizen versus a Mexican “illegal”/ Wonderful.


CockPit is a new comedy webseries about the employees of Mile High Airlines and what really goes on behind that cockpit door. They hate to fly and it shows. New episodes weekly. In episode 1, it is First Officer John Pinneke’s first day on the job. He meets his fellow employees including Flight Attendant Dan Wishbone who swears he’s not gay.


Guess Who? Are you watching this while you are at work? Have you ever played games and tricks on your co-workers?

Directed and written by David Storrs – What could possibly go wrong when two grown men play a game of “Guess Who?”


You need this phone – it does everything – Sumsing Turbo 3000 English Version – Groen Brothers commercial spoof of a cellphone with many functions… This is hilarious!

Distracting Beach Babes… – this is great – nothing like making a little amateur documentary – video blog of your whiny sister’s life while really checking out the beach babes. Funny.


od – Britney Spears provides her expert Childcare tips for her younger sister Jamie Lynne. More great Britney Spears videos

Stunt Baby – by Chris Kas – When you need the best pre-toddler driver in the business, you call Stunt Baby.

Hilarious video clip of two sexy girls giving an eyeful to a biker. This is really funny…


Be Kind Rewind” Movie trailer with Jack Black

This is Gondry’s special Swede version of the Be Kind, Rewind movie trailer. Not what you would expect – or maybe it is…




Do you love surfing and BIG WAVES? Check out the Highlights from the finals of the 2008 Mavericks Surf Contest, won by 24-year old California native, Greg Long. Results — (1) Greg Long. (2) Twiggy Baker. (3) Jamie Sterling. (4) Tyler Smith. (5) Grant Washburn. (6) Evan Slater. Presented by MySpace TV


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  1. Bob Andelman Says:

    You might enjoy this audio interview with Bob Horowitz, producer of “Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials 2008”: . (He is also the producer of “The Singing Bee” with Joey Fatone.)

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