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January 18, 2008

WATCH THIS Dr. Phil’s New Show is a hilarious sketch which takes on two of the most annoyingly ubiquitous things about modern TV–incessant promos and Dr.Phil. OK, its not really Dr. Phil, its  Harry Shearer.

And if you liked that, check out Harry as Elvis with constipation – All Backed Up .  Rock out…


Not in My Family Not in My Family – The kids are back in school but all is not well. A guidance counselor reveals the horrifying truth about a young boy to his mother… and the difficult — but necessary — steps she must take. Directed by Henry Saine


Lone Rider This is brilliant, Short, cute and oh so very true And extremely well made. If you are a film maker, you got to spend a couple minutes with this flick. Sometimes a filmmaker’s greatest challenge is simply raising cash. But financial woes won’t deter this director.


One of the Top Videos of 2007

At the Cebu Capitol” The inmates of CPDRC performed a surprise number in front of Capitol. This performance was a request by the inmates as their contribution to the 438th Founding anniversary Celebration. 
“Thriller” (original upload) 1500 plus CPDRC inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center,



Three of the featured artists from – ANDY MILONAKIS, DAVID WAIN, and DON WAS – got together in an LA studio to record this song about Las Vegas. Two days later, Andy performed it live at a party in the Palms Hotel hosted by PEREZ HILTON.



The Endless DesertThe Endless Desert – Directed by Joe Lewis.  You always got to look your best. Even in the middle of nowhere. Wonderfully made with an hilarious cheesy sound track. Ya got to see this.



Crass? You want Crass? Check out the Lynn Spears Abortion Song – from MYSpace Video. Song inspired by the Spears family.  DVD at PETERCOFFIN . COM


TriggerStreetTV – “Displacement” – A Short Film Spotlight:  In this  podcast, TriggerStreet TV  looks at the short film “Displacement” with a brief introduction from the filmmaker, Chris Perry.  It is a short computer-animated film about an individual tempted by change.  The film was one of twelve overall Nominees that went to the end of season judging phase of the TriggerStreet 2nd Film Festival Season.

download to watch it : ep26-TrigTV.mp4


A Hitch in the PlanAwesome Upload:
A Hitch in the Plan
– Who (or what) is chasing this woman?



Evangeline Lilly Wins ‘Best Wet T-Shirt Fight Scene’ At Strong Women In TV Awards – From the Onion – Today Now!’s own Tracy Gill attended the Strong Women in TV Awards, which proves women on TV can be attractive and sexy.

Do you Dig Digg?  Check out Kina and her hot new song – “Gotta Digg”

Music for the web 2.0 generation



Attack of the Killer Rubber Ducky (trailer)This is a trailer of a funny short film created by a film student at Los Angeles City College. Almost every film student, at one time or another, does a parody of shower scene from Psycho. I did mine with Toasters. Rubber Duckies are good.

TOP VIDEOS of 2007

Here are the top ten Internet Videos of 2007 from AtomFilms – they release a new video nearly every day on AtomFilms –  Enjoy the very best of the best from this year…

Here is the Top Ten Pick for Best Viral Videos of 2007 – from AOL Video


Voxant  is offering up the best video news stories of 2007. From Japanese Love Dolls to snakes in a bathtub to the world’s best butt, the Voxant Newsroom was stuffed to the rafters with great content in 2007. Here’s a look back at the best of the best.

Click here for the Voxant Best of 2007


Top 10 Videos of the Year
Here is YouTube’s collection of the Top Ten Videos of the year based upon view counts, most shared, most discussed, top rated and general popularity, here is the list.

Rolling Stone Magazine’s  Twenty-Five Favorite Music Videos of 2007: Nine Inch Nails, Kanye West and More


Top 5 Viral-Video Ads of 2007

Cadbury’s gorilla drummer ad, with more than 5 million views for the original video on YouTube, was the top viral-video ad, followed by Smirnoff’s Green Tea Partay, with 3.4mm views, according to agency GoViral, reports the Financial Times.

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Hot For HotForWords Button HOT FOR WORDS – We love this site. Take a beautiful blonde with an adorable European accent and have her explain the derivation of many of our popular terms, words, slang terms and sayings. This is so cool. And a bit hot. Who needs PBS to explain language? Tell us all, Marina





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