Best Internet Video – How to make Internet Video – Video Production tips for professionals, indie movie makers and enthusiasts

Lighting for Interviews Do you know how to light an interview properly for video?

 A Look at 3:2 Pulldown 24 frame production in a 30-frame world. All about Drop frame versus Non-Drop Frame


The Plug-In PavilionThe editor’s tools: 3D compositing, titling, FX creation, lighting, color-correction and more with  BorisFX, Graffiti 5.1, Red 4, and Boris Blue 2.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio+DVD 8, released almost stealthily in early/mid 2007, continues to focus on easy creation of movies and slideshows, especially to share online, plus on DVD with the included DVD Architect Studio software  The higher-end Platinum Edition adds expanded HD video support (HDV, Sony AVCHD), surround-sound audio mixing, and professional video effects. more


How to Make Movies and Internet Videos with Your Camcorder – Tips, Deals, What to Buy this Holiday Season

Solving the 2007 Holiday Camcorder Shopping Crisis

Buying a Camcorder for this year’s Holiday Shopping Season is the most confusing ever

There are a plethora of differing technologies to pick from as well as a bewildering assortment of features and capabilities that need to be examined. It is not easy. Here is a guide to what you need to know in order to buy the right kind of camcorder for you, your business and your family


Best Videos

Are you getting ready to celebrate the holidays by eating too much? Check out these how to be healthy videos from

1. How To Do a Pilates Abdominal Workout


2. How To Do a Home Practice Yoga Workout

3. How To Deskercise


4. How To Do an In-Flight Fitness Workout


5. How To Reward Yourself With Some Good Old-Fashioned Gluttony


Each of the above listed clips features a high definition video, a list of materials and ingredients that will be needed, a step-by-step breakdown of instructions, links for additional information and feedback from other users.   


VideoJug is also encouraging its visitors to upload their own videos sharing shopping secrets, holiday survival tips, and other general useful advice via


Comedian Lauren Weedman (AKA Lauren Butterfield) shows us her version of “the basics” when it comes to sexual positions. This episode is one from her new series “Our Bodies, Myself” on It’s instructional, it’s warped, it’s a must see. Its goofy….


If you like Paris Hilton, you’ll love this mash-up of hot Paris clips – it’s a Christmas in Paris? 

More Paris Videos

Paris Hilton: It Came With No Talent Paris Hilton in “It Came With No Talent” and “Tom Cruise: The Wolf-boy!” in this 1950s b-movie trailer. 



Measuring Up
Every husband wants to know: “How do I measure up to the other guys? Warning – adult language and concepts

While you are at Atom Films, you might as well check out their collection of the 5 Best Make-Out Scenes on the Web

Are you into dirt bikes and motocross? Check out this  inside look at the “Life of a Privateer”

Billy Arnone AKA Willis has been riding dirt bikes for 22 years. Tag along as he and the rest of the MX Mafia riders gives you an inside look at the life of a professional motocross rider.


No Country For Grumpy Old Men

It’s kind of like “No Country For Old Men“, but with a lot more snow-related slapstick and fishing pranks. And it’s a hell of a lot more terrifying…

Chad Vader Hits On Obama Girl –  Chad Vader chats up Obama Girl and answers the questions you’ve been dying to ask yourself, but you haven’t had the time.

Wonderful performance in a supporting role. A too-hot-for-TV scene from VH1’s Totally Awesome. It is a Totally Awesome Orgasm. This is why it is called acting.




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One Response to “Best Internet Video – How to make Internet Video – Video Production tips for professionals, indie movie makers and enthusiasts”

  1. Lorraine Grula Says:

    Teaching TV Production, building a small-town program into a nationally recognized one. My students won over forty-five awards, including the National Association for Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) Student Award of Excellence, the equivalent to a high school Emmy.

    All of this has taught me one thing that video is the here to stay, and if you learn the correct steps of video production you to can look like a professional, in a very short time. I am a long-time video professional for over twenty-five years, I seen it all, and there are many new technologies that are in use today, but passion about creating the right look and feel are still the driving force behind great video production.

    and yes I did say “Passion”

    Happy Videoing,


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