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You put WHAT in the dryer??How do you prepare your Thanksgiving Turkey? Here is a suggestion from Jenni.  You PUT WHAT IN THE DRYER?

Cranberries - Thanksgiving - JibJab Sendables - Thanksgiving eCardWe always think of the travails that turkeys must go through on Thanksgiving. But what about our little buddies the cranberries?


How to Make Movies and Internet Videos with Your Camcorder

Using Accessories to Improve the Audio from Built-in Camcorder Mics How to achieve professional sound with consumer camcorders. Make your movies sound good…

Colon - Thanksgiving - JibJab Sendables - Thanksgiving eCardWe often sit around after the Thanksgiving dinner, patting our full bellys and letting our belts out. But what about the other organs in our bodies? Don’t you think they have a story as well? Check out this lament from your colon – from JibJab


ARTICLE ARCHIVE – the best Internet Video Magazine articles from the last EIGHT years 




Martha Stewart Cooks a Turkey
Nobody knows turkey like Martha Stewart, that’s LiquidAnimation  hired her to tell you all about it.







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Old Nation

Do you need a good laugh – check out this great little parody of the Kid Nation reality show – Five old people fight for their lives in the middle of nowhere. This is Old Nation





Old Photos and Slides:  The Fun of Going Digital Transferring old photos and slides to a digital format brings numerous benefits, not to mention the space savings. 

Say goodbye to all the old photo shoeboxes and slide carousels in your basement or garage!  New digital services allow your precious images to be converted to DVDs, online sharing, and other fun digital media.   This untraps your photos and allows them to be shared and enjoyed with your family and friends, whether they’re in Boston or Boise.



FOX News Porn – Cable TV’s Fox News is a lot more than just endless car chases, white women in peril, and right wing ranting. It is full of sex and hot bodies. Check it out here.   ================================

Do you like dirty films – trashy, filthy – Movies that wouldn’t want your kids to see? Check out the winner of the World’s Dirtiest Film Contest.

Chick Fight – Hot girl on girl action + tasty desserts – OK, its just a contest put on by Axe but the films are quite well made and very, very funny.

Axe teamed up with David Spade to create The World’s Dirtiest Film. This mash-up combined pro footage with the best of the videos submitted for the contest. “Now it has all come together in a film so dirty, you’ll beg for a shower.”


Have you been watching MySpaceTV’s new online series Quarterlife? It just got picked up by NBC. If so, you’ll love this parody

Quarterlife Parody Video


Quarterlife– it is finally online; the long waited 36 webisode web serial about twenty and thirty somethings lost in the world of internet commerce, blogging and ever so complicated relationships. This is very well written, performed and produced. Here are the first two episodes which set up the show.











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