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The Teenagers Guide to Making Movies for the Net

 How can you help your teens safely make great videos for the Internet?  

Many of us have teenagers who want to use our camcorders and our editing gear and computers to make movies. Of course, there are many teens that already have their own cameras and editing gear, and just need a little guidance regarding how to best utilize these resources. more


How We Met

With music by Son of Dave, this is the story of a stickman and stickwoman drawn on bodies falling in love.

This is a brilliant and very unique piece of animated film making. How We met. Check it out. Not only is it very, very cool from a technical perspective, it is also a lot of fun. And when you are done watching, visit their site to see how they actually made it


Green Screen Tutorial – all about how to set up and use green screen for fun and dramatic video effects. Put your subject on the moon, in Paris or anywhere you can imagine. more


Would you go out with iJustine? Dating an Internet celebrity can be quite challenging and full of drama, especially if its a live webcast and even worse, if you are a bit too geeky. Check this out


Web 2.0 and Home Video – Home Movies – The term “Web 2.0” has been discussed and analyzed on the blogosphere for several years, although many consumers have probably never heard of the term.   Web 2.0, however, is extremely relevant to home movies for the reason that, as the Internet and social networking become more powerful and interactive, it becomes easier and easier for the so-called Baby Boomer generation to use them.  And these Boomers are the ones who have closets and basements full of home movie reels, tapes, slides and photos that are degrading.  more


Anniversary PresentLove is tough – and sometimes you just give too much. And then it all gets a bit confused. Check this out – Anniversary Present from Atom Films and Human Scale Productions.  


Help Sony Music create a new music video for Tori Amos – Tori Amos Bouncing Off Clouds Green Screen Video Contest

The winning video will premiere on Tori’s official website and the Grand Prize winner plus a friend will be flown to a show on Tori’s US tour!   more


This is hilarious and will scramble your brains with laughter.When a carton of eggs is taken out of the fridge, they soon learn that life is not all it’s cracked up to be.


Consumer Video Editing Software Reviews:

CyberLink PowerDirector

Ulead VideoStudio

Pinnacle Studio 11

Roxio Easy Media Creator

Adobe Premiere Elements

Muvee AutoProducer

Adobe Premiere Elements 6 and Adobe Photoshop 4 Bundle

Special Deals and Rebates on Consumer and Prosumer Camcorders


  • Hey kids, want to look like a hot rock star? How to: Make a Gwen Stefani Look
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    Check out the Equipment Review Center for reviews, tests, product descriptions, etc.

    Here are the New and Cool Products  You Just Got To Have

    For the best new books and how to manuals, visit Book Reviews

    Learn How to Promote Your Business and Promote Your Videos – How to Do It – all about PR and web marketing


    Wrap Around with Dave and Tom Part 2 Comedy Documentary

    This is a hilariously wonderful spoof of BBC and Discovery Channel documentaries with hot girls and Richard Lagina (david beeler) and scientist Dr. George Flightus (tom konkle) finally reveal the mysterious, unseen comedy comedy of a troupe known only as, McFwap. McFwap stars Stephanie Stearns Gino C. Vianelli Michael Neil and dave and Tom.



    Special deals and Rebates on Pro and Broadcast Video Cameras, Camcorders and Video Production Hardware and Software

    FREE Adobe CS3  Instructional Videos, Books and Tutorials – Learn About PhotoShop, Adobe CS3, Premiere Pro, Illustrator CS3, Flash CS3, Film Editing, Adobe Media Player, etc


    Are you a fan of Star Wars and the various characters? Have you ever wondered what Darth and the bad boys have to go through to get a date? Check out this flick – Darth Vader in Love – Part 2 Nothing like a nice Star War’s interrogation and torture session to fan the flames of romance


    Oprah and YouTube: Made For Each Other
    by Gavin O’Malley
    When Oprah speaks, people listen. YouTube’s partners have included MySpace and both of the nation’s leading political parties. Now the omnipresent video-sharing site has reached a deal with Harpo Productions to distribute the Oprah channel online. –
    Read the whole story

    Free video-editing suites

    This is from CNET – There are lots of options regarding video-editing software. If you have some money to burn, you have a lot of choices, such as Final Cut, Premiere, and others. But what if you have no money? We have some solutions for you, too. Get the scoop on free video-editing software in Peter Butler’s post to the Daily Download blog. Best free video-editing apps.


    Here is the amazing original dove evolution video




     If you like the real Dove videos, you’ll love this Dove Evolution Parody – Slob Evolution




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