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“Portrait & Candid Photography” is the perfect companion book if you just got a good digital camera or are giving one as a gift. Easy to follow, with lots of pictures and recommendations, this workshop book will help anyone improve heir basic photography skills. Strongly recommended. more


How to preview HDV in Realtime – Many video producers are switching from SD to HDV and are finding out that their current systems are unable to preview out to an external monitor. There are several hardware solutions on the market that can make an HDV workflow run as smooth as your existing SD system. This article explores the various options for creating a real-time preview out on either a Mac or PC with either a PCI Express or external solution. more


The History of Home Movies – The Evolution of User-Generated Content from the 1890s – 2007 In the 100+ years or so that home movies have been around, we have seen them evolve from use by only the extremely wealthy to anyone with a digital camera or mobile device.  If we look at the major milestones in film and video development over the years, it’s easy to see how we got to where we are today.   The next 100 years should be equally fascinating!  more


 Get a Great Deal on Camcorders and Electronics from B&H Photo Video

 These offers and special prices don’t last long. Usually the best price on the net


Yoursports Launches for Amateur Athletes and Sporting Enthusiasts –

YourSports announced the launch of its amateur sports media platform – – featuring internet TV and web applications dedicated to evolving the way amateur sports are viewed, shared and connected. Built by athletes for athletes, YourSports recognizes the 93 million amateur sports participants (athletes, families and fans) that play for the love of the game. YourSports features the first user-generated nationally broadcasted highlight show along with Facebook Platform applications each designed to recognize and connect athletes and fans on both the national and local levels. more


Consumer Video Editing Software Reviews:

CyberLink PowerDirector

Ulead VideoStudio

Pinnacle Studio 11

Roxio Easy Media Creator

Adobe Premiere Elements

Muvee AutoProducer

Adobe Premiere Elements 6 and Adobe Photoshop 4 Bundle


Check out the latest video from Dove – this anti-advertising, anti- plastic surgery, and anti beauty propaganda flick is great. Dove Onslaught – Share it with your daughters before it is too late. Also check out the other Dove Self esteem videos Here is the amazing original dove evolution video


Go weird with music


Screaming_danceScreaming dance – we have no idea of what this is all about but it is quite weird and strange and just perfect for those who to dance to electronica on Halloween. I guess it may be art…..

Sexy Alien Cartoon BandThis is a brilliant piece of animation and music. Sexy Alien Cartoon Band = supposedly a parody of the overly sexual nature of most music videos,  it is extremely well done. Luv it….



So what do you think is causing Global Warming? Check out this cool funny animation from the Friends of The Earth for info. One of the entries for their green film competition.  Polar Bears


This is hilarious and will scramble your brains with laughter. When a carton of eggs is taken out of the fridge, they soon learn that life is not all it’s cracked up to be.


Best of the Onion

FOLSOM DAMPreemptive Memorial Honors Future Victims Of Imminent Dam Disaster

Officials in California dedicated the Folsom Dam Memorial, which will honor the nearby residents that will die when the faulty dam fails.


Check Out the new Paris Hilton Video!  Repo! The Genetic Opera! is a rock musical movie. Believe it or not, this is for real


Best Internet Videos of the Week

Best Video Web Sites of the Week

Best Internet Music Videos


Special deals and Rebates on Pro and Broadcast Video Cameras, Camcorders and Video Production Hardware and Software

FREE Adobe CS3  Instructional Videos, Books and Tutorials – Learn About PhotoShop, Adobe CS3, Premiere Pro, Illustrator CS3, Flash CS3, Film Editing, Adobe Media Player, etc

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Check out the Equipment Review Center for reviews, tests, product descriptions, etc.

Here are the New and Cool Products  You Just Got To Have

For the best new books and how to manuals, visit Book Reviews

Learn How to Promote Your Business and Promote Your Videos – How to Do It – all about PR and web marketing












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