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What happens when you combine “My Name is Earl” with H.R. Pufnstuff? Check out this special clip from MySpace and NBC. Earl attends a class in prison that focuses on creative writing and informs Randy about the assignment. Randy loves the idea of creating his own make-believe world and is joined by a cast of characters in this crazy clip.

What do you do when you get laid off from your job. Scream, find a lawyer, get drunk? In France, the former AOL staffers make a music video. This is a great. It is password protected so follow the instructions.

AOL France Bids AOL Adieu


Brains! (parody of Shoes) This is great. A wonderful way to lighten up every zombies holiday. Produced by Living Dead Girlz and Holy Zoo A Dead Sexy Dance Troupe HOT LIVE UNDEAD FLESH BRAINS is a parody of Kelly’s SHOES video!

Heada State – So you want to get political? Check out these interesting and well made animated shorts from that spotlight the current United States campaigns and politicians.

Fresh from the Onion

20251145Poll: Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters

For a majority of likely voters, meaningless bullshit will be the most important factor in deciding who they will vote for in 2008.



On November 4th, Shane and Amy Bugbee hit the road for a full year of adventures. Get better acquainted with the couple before they hit the road in their new short film ‘SHUNNED’.

‘SHUNNED’ documents the couple, their wacky relationship with their families and each other, their roots in Chicago, and their “work”. Part documentary, part comedy of errors, ‘SHUNNED’ explains what finally drove them to pack it up and travel the country.

‘SHUNNED’ is a rare look inside the lives of two gonzo journalists before they embark on a major venture to explore America and cover the Election.

Hey Josh – Advice with an attitude – this is sort of cool video cast – advice column. looks like Schip, smells like Schip. Its Josh Schip. Crazy editing, interesting & relevant info and lots of attitude. If Josh can do this, so can you! Everyone is an expert at something. Hosted at Veoh.


Foot Flirt

What does it mean when someone wants a date to go shoe shopping?  Another great Ravenstake Video



Foot Flirt boy flirting with girl in the classroom using his foot (commercial).



Do you love technology? Are you an early innovator who has got to have the newest. coolest and edgiest of all electronic and computer toys? Are you ready for the Microsoft’s Surface?. This is a great little fake commercial.

Microsoft Surface Parody

Microsoft Surface Parody is a spoof of Microsoft’s new product, “Surface”


Its the scent of Douche! Brought to you by packs of feral animals and Super Deluxe.…DOUCHE POST SHOW DOUCHEBAG POP COLLAR COMMERCIAL PARODY BOTTLE SERVICE COLOGNE SUPERDELLadies, the secret is out. Everybody knows the surest way to get into your collective panties: trendy body sprays. And right now, there’s no other odor on the market that’s smellier or sexier than the sweet scent of Douche!






Looking for a ghastly and disturbing film to get you ready for Halloween?  Warning – the images and concepts are disturbing and are NOT suitable for children. DOA: A Coroner’s Fairy Tale – Lesson learned – Never mix work with romance… especially if you’re a coroner.

Possum Death Spree, Episode 2

The possums launch phase two of their global domination plan. Directors: Michael Horowitz, Gareth Smith. This is funny, scary and disgusting – all at the same time!

The AlibiJerome wants his wife dead. And he’s got the perfect alibi… at least he thinks he does.



This is really scary – if you are a fan of the SAW film series, you got to see this special preview – SAW IV Preview Teaser


Britney Spears' Apology to the WorldBritney Spears’ Apology to the World This week Britney Spears almost ruined her career. Well, she’s here with us now to apologize to the world.

Gimme More (Pills)” – Greg & Mario vs. Britney Spears

This is a great parody of Britney Spears’ recent performance on MTV’s Video Music Awards featuring an original song parody by Greg Scarnici with vocals by Mario Pando of Dalipstyxx.

 Britney Spears-Gimme More(Official new single)

Here’s Britney’s new hit osng – Gimmie More (…) I just can’t, control myself

More Britney Spears Videos including the NEW Gimme More Music Video

This fake Mastercard commercial is a great little parody of the classic Mastercard commercial that was one of the big viral hits last year.  It does include “adult” terms and concepts but is sort of cute nonetheless…



Is this the goofiest video contest ever? As you may have noticed, everyone – businesses of all types and sizes – no matter what they make or actually do, are trying to cash in on the web 2.0 – Internet video 2.0 craze by sponsoring some sort of online video contest where users create and submit videos.. See our CONTEST page. This one though takes the cake – make a video of you and your oldest appliance. The craziest video entry  will receive Three Brand New GE Appliances plus $1,000 in Cash! More

The new Flip Video ULTRA camcorders are here – from Pure Digital.

The new and improved Flip ULtra Camcorders are here – with twice as much memory, more colors and styles, plus a slightly new design with a tripod screw on the bottom. Excellent. read the article


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