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Britney Spears’ Apology to the World This week Britney Spears almost ruined her career. Well, she’s here with us now to apologize to the world.

Gimme More (Pills)” – Greg & Mario vs. Britney Spears

his is a great parody of Britney Spears’ recent performance on MTV’s Video Music Awards featuring an original song parody by Greg Scarnici with vocals by Mario Pando of Dalipstyxx.

 Britney Spears-Gimme More(Official new single)

Here’s Britney’s new hit osng – Gimmie More (…) I just can’t, control myself

More Britney Spears Videos


My name is Richard Chambers and I’m searching for my fiancée Hope Wilcott who’s been missing since June 27th of this year. The following series of videos is an attempt to get the word out about her disappearance. If you’ve seen her or have any information about her whereabouts please contact me





Looking for a ghastly and disturbing film to get you ready for Halloween?  Warning – the images and concepts are disturbing and are NOT suitable for children. DOA: A Coroner’s Fairy Tale – Never mix work with romance… especially if you’re a coroner.


Possum Death Spree, Episode 2

The possums launch phase two of their global domination plan. Directors: Michael Horowitz, Gareth Smith. This is funny, scary and disgusting – all at the same time!

The Alibi

If you’re gonna murder your wife, you need an alibi. Duh. Director: Matthew Ehlers

Jerome wants his wife dead. And he’s got the perfect alibi… at least he thinks he does.



This is really scary – if you are a fan of the SAW film series, you got to see this special preview – SAW IV Preview Teaser


scent of Douche! Brought to you by packs of feral animals and Super Deluxe.…DOUCHE POST SHOW DOUCHEBAG POP COLLAR COMMERCIAL PARODY BOTTLE SERVICE COLOGNE SUPERDELUXE Ladies, the secret is out. Everybody knows the surest way to get into your collective panties: trendy body sprays. And right now, there’s no other odor on the market that’s smellier or sexier than the sweet scent of Douche!







This is funny and a bit hot. An Eva Longoria sex tape spoofing Paris Hilton’s famous romp has hit the web.


Click Here for More Halloween – Scary Videos

  Bush begins the war on ZombiesPresident George Bush warns against Zombies. Forget Iran, Iraq and keeping our kids healthy – the real villain is Zombies




Talk’n Dirty This is hilarious, well written and cute.  What do you talk about when you make out? When you make love to your significant other?  
Some people just aren’t good at it… By Owen Benjamin


Zombie Rekillers – Combine the Undead with some Diet Coke and you get the “Zombie ReKillers – one of the leading finalist in the Diet Coke online film contest. This was directed by Chris Grew – The team has their work cut out for them with a rejuvenated zombie on the loose.

Here are several other Diet Coke Film winners

Capoeira Girl – A beautiful Capoeira Girl meets a boy from an opposing club.

Happy Accident — directed by Paul Anderson, this is very funny and extremely well made.

One man’s midnight quest for a condom… and one kid’s story of how he screwed up.



Have you ever wondered what is really going on when you bring your car in for some repairs with your local mechanic? Check out Honesty: Auto Mechanic. Very well written and very funny.



World’s Dirtiest Film Contest – hosted by Axe and David Spade. Are you dirty enough? Axe & David Spade need your help creating The World’s Dirtiest Film. Show us how you get dirty, and how you get clean. All of our filthy favorites will make it into the final cut.  This is pretty cool especially the director section where you get to clean off a trio of dirty participants – Plus you can edit together your own dirty film….

The new Flip Video ULTRA camcorders are here – from Pure Digital.

The new and improved Flip ULtra Camcorders are here – with twice as much memory, more colors and styles, plus a slightly new design with a tripod screw on the bottom. Excellent. read the article

It is the Great American SmokeOut Video Contest at YouTube. Make a video and win. More

Internet Video: Boomers Are Finally Coming into Their Own

By Mark Rukavina, CEO and founder,

I think 2008 is going to be known as the Year of the Boomer. They are going to want to put their videos and old films online and join the Web 2.0 generation. How are they going to do it? more


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