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This is one of the top videos this week at MySpace – Its hilarious – Greeting Card Writer (inspiration from self-inflicted pain)

Explore the intense, violent world of a man who writes greeting cards.

Elliott Thompson is not your average greeting card writer. This documentary takes a look at his style, some of his cards, and his strange ways of inspiring himself.

Directed by Aaron Yonda of Blame Society Productions and






















ENTER THE CONTEST – Film yourself explaining why you would be the next best Miss Horrorfest. Your submission can be only :90 seconds in length and should include the words “MISS HORRORFEST” and “HORRORFEST, NOVEMBER 9-18, 2007” somewhere in the video.

Click Here for More Halloween – ScaryVideos





The Chemical Brothers – The Salmon Dance

Are you ready to do the Salmon Dance by the Chemical Brothers? The video directed by Dom & Nic features a boy looking at his fish tank while the fish lip syncing to the song, and a beatboxing blowfish.
























The Truth Fairy in CyberspaceSo you want to make Internet Videos? Check out the production team at – they write, shoot, edit, create and post a new video every week! While you are there, make sure you watch one of their newest and most popular films – The Truth Fairy in Cyberspace – Its goofy with a message.
















What would you do to win a video contest and get a free trip? Make a video…

Winner of $2000 Travel Contest

This is the winning video by Matt Brattin – who entered the video contest with this superb entry and ended up winning $2000 for him and his This is the winning video by Matt Brattin – who entered the video contest with this superb entry and ended up winning $2,000 for him and his wife to travel to Barcelona so he could do his MBACheck out this year’s contest













have you heard about Wall Animation?

walking (2 times)

This is amazing! Check out this incredible animation concept. These animated films are created on walls – not on an animation stand, on art paper or inside a computer.

Fantoche (2 times) – You can find more info about this artist and see more of his work at and



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Are you interested in Talking Trash Cans? How about a blog from a talking trash can? Check out this goofy little animation from Short & sweet. While you are there, also check out Dean Speaks in B-Flat – Dean has an unusual speech problem. Not in the sense that he doesn’t speak English. No, Dean has a problem much worse… Dean SPEAKS IN B-FLAT!

Now I am thinking of becoming a vegetarian – or even a vegan –

Sexy Hollywood star Alicia Silverstone bares all in peta’s first-ever naked veggie testimonial PSA. Directed by acclaimed director Dave Meyers, whose credits include videos for Britney Spears, OutKast, and Dave Mathews Band.



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