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So ya wanna be a popstar?

Nickelback Rockstar Sp...Popstar is a hilarious spoof of Nickelback’s Rockstar.Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera, Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Avril Levigne, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce Knowles, Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake, Micheal Jackson. They’re all pop stars, and they’re all in this new video! By James At War.

Also check out his Hey There Delilah Spoof ( Hey Harry Potter ). This is brilliant!






The DrunkWindow Seat:
The Drunk
– have you ever sat next to a loud, obnoxious person on a long flight? Check out this funny little animation by Radical Axis and featured at Atom Films.

A heavily intoxicated passenger reveals why his marriage is on the rocks (with a twist).


How to preview HDV in Realtime – Many video producers are switching from SD to HDV and are finding out that their current systems are unable to preview out to an external monitor. There are several hardware solutions on the market that can make an HDV workflow run as smooth as your existing SD system. This article explores the various options for creating a real-time preview out on either a Mac or PC with either a PCI Express or external solution. more


iMovie8 Review – New Video Editing Software from Apple

Last week Steve Jobs announced the new iMacs and iLife 08 which included a complete rewrite of iMovie.

I have used iMovie since it’s inception. While I have long ago graduated to Final Cut Pro and other more professional video editing apps. iMovie 6 HD still remains a favorite time saver and video editing app. 

Since Apple released iMovie 8 they must be working overtime listening to complaints from those who have come to love iMovie’s timeline simplicity. Before you get excited, only to be disappointed. iMovie 8 is not an upgrade to iMovie 6. It is like a weird cross breed between Windows Movie Faker and iPhoto.  In fact it should of just been called something else because – THIS IS NOT IMOVIE! more


DOMESTIC directed Katie Hides – This award winning Australian film is hilarious as it documents the ins and outs of a modern day romance and relationship. It’s crouching lover, hidden agenda when a couple puts their relationship, and martial-arts skills, to the test in this short about fidelity, forgiveness, and how to turn domestic objects into menacing weapons.

Adult themes and language


We are sure you have seen the Numa Numa video that features Gary Brolsma lip-synching to an obscure Romanian pop song. Gary is now famous in his own mind and has a DVD collection and a web site with video contests. Here is the big winner. This is really good. 11197 Virus (complete)

this happen to anyone else when they downloaded the New Numa song?..




Are you trying to do cool chromakey effects? Trying to put your actors and friends in strange and far away locations without leaving the set? Check out this article all about how to light for Green Screen or Blue Screen effects. more



Adobe Previews Flash Media Server 3 at IBC

Major Performance Gains and Innovative Features Anchor Upcoming Release

IBC 2007, AMSTERDAM  — Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE)  unveiled new features that will headline the upcoming release of Adobe® Flash® Media Server 3. This major new release will offer the unique combination of traditional streaming media capabilities and a flexible environment for creating and delivering interactive social media applications to the broadest possible audience.  more



How to kiss someone passionately

Are you nervous about your first kiss? Let Videojug show you how to kiss someone passionately. Kissing tips, hints, and advice on how to perfect that kiss. This is really funny! And educational….



The Brunettes – Her Hairagami Set

This is a video for the song “Her Hairagami Set” from The Brunettes 2007 album “Structure & Cosmetics”. It was made by Trophy Wife This is a video for the song “Her Hairagami Set” from The Brunettes 2007 album “Structure & Cosmetics”. It was made by Trophy Wife Productions




All About TimeCode – Time code synchronization is still a big mystery for many audio and video professionals, and as today’s Audio and Video technologies continue to integrate, having a basic understanding of time code has become more and more essential for both studio and field production. . more




Motion Picture and Video Lighting, Second Edition, is your indispensable guide to film and video lighting. Written by the author of the industry bible Cinematography, this book explores technical, aesthetic, and practical aspects of lighting for film and video. It will show you not only how to light, but why. Written by a professional in the field, this comprehensive book explores light and color theory; equipment; and techniques to make every scene look its best. more


Consumer Video Editing Software Reviews:

CyberLink PowerDirector

Ulead VideoStudio

Pinnacle Studio 11

Roxio Easy Media Creator

Adobe Premiere Elements

Muvee AutoProducer


Special deals and Rebates on Pro and Broadcast Video Cameras, Camcorders and Video Production Hardware and Software

FREE Adobe CS3  Instructional Videos, Books and Tutorials – Learn About PhotoShop, Adobe CS3, Premiere Pro, Illustrator CS3, Flash CS3, Film Editing, Adobe Media Player, etc

For the best new books and how to manuals, visit Book Reviews

Learn How to Promote Your Business and Promote Your Videos – How to Do It – all about PR and web marketing

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Check out the Equipment Review Center for reviews, tests, product descriptions, etc.


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