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Best Internet Videos of the Week

What happens when the girls from the Hills, meet the people living in the Hills? Its the “Hills Have Eyes” – spoof commercial – this is a great little mashup. Here is another great little mash-up, also from Klipz – Lindsay Lohan: I Know Who Killed My Career (trailer)

More Lindsay Lohan videos




















We love a little politics and controversy – The battle for a fair 2007 Farm Bill is on! If you’re ready to watch an apple and a snack cake in a fight to the death, check out five years, the $70 billion Farm Bill gets rewritten. In the past, junk food makers have controlled the subsidies of the bill, wiping out small farmers, destroying the environment and making America fat. is the first step in a massive campaign to put the farm bill back in the hands of the people who pay for it — us!


300 Great Video Sites
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How to please a woman with a How to please a woman with a carrot!carrot!

Some women are hard to please? You cook, ya listen, you do it all but nooooo….T

This is hilarious – from Jamie Kenney and Stu Stone – Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot –

Millions of Americans die every year from cooties. Ask your doctor today about what circle circle dot dot can do for you.


Do you want an iPhone? So does God. Check this out

Here’s the video that shows you how to hack and unlock your iPhone .. its not easy…Unlocked iPhone – 17-year-old George Hotz shows off the world’s first unlocked iPhone, which now runs on the T-Mobile network.

iPhone BillShe’s got an iPhone, and she uses it a lot — not so much for talking, but quite a bit for texting (according to Justine, she averages 28,000 to 35,000 messages a month). AT&T provides its customers an item-by-item invoice of every text sent. Justine’s bill is 300 pages long … no joke.

Here’s a short little collection of iPhone Parody videos


Hosted at Guba- Dear Mr Bush is a political ode to President Bush – with a odd channeling of Marilyn Monroe thrown in as well. Ralph Buckley performs with the activist spirit of John Lennon, in his many songs aimed at social change and political awareness. Ralph’s music is diverse and entertaining. If you are concerned about the direction the US is taking – if you care about politics – you will enjoy this music video.


This is really goofy and has no redeeming value – but it is fun and it is one of the top videos being watched on the net this week. Check it out – Fun, meaningless 2007 disco…

I Wanna Do Your Make Up




Hook-up Another great moment in the history of hook-ups. The “true” history of using a popcorn box in a theatre for cheap sex. Warning – this has adult but silly concepts and themes.


How is your relationship with your significant other? Are you getting all the excitement you really need or is your interface a bit too mechanical? Check out this cool new film from Atom Films – High Maintenance by Philip Van of Germany. Don’t flip the switch dear….


Dating ? What is the secret that brings two potential lovers together for that moment of intimacy? Check out this video. True Love – Simple, funny and cute. Ok, guys, it is now safe to eat beans on your first date.



Here is the political music video you’ve been looking for – Debate ’08: Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl – its funny, its campy, its cool

The follow up to “Crush on Obama” includes pillow fights and dance offs and all the other things that go on over the course of a typical campaign.



One of the coolest and most thought provoking concepts for Internet videos is mashups – combining two or more different videos, soundtracks, music videos, slide shows, or whatever – to create a totally unique and new creative piece. This is truly bizarre but it really works. One of the last decade’s strangest films meets the classic kid story – , Requiem for a Dream meets Toy Story 2.

Here’s a not as strange Requiem parody – hosted at YouTube –

Requiem of a Kreme

A parody of “Requiem for a Dream” involving a massive addiction to Krispy Kreme Donuts….





The Basics of Making Great Movies with Your Camcorder

How to Put your Videos Up On YouTube – YouTube is currently the world’s most popular video upload site and gets about 65,000 or more videos a day submitted to them.

The Guide to over 500 Top Video Web Sites – The WORLD’S BEST VIDEO WEB SITES

What Do You Need to Know to Make Movies with your Camcorder

Free Video Stuff – Software, Utilities, Downloads!!!!!



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