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MORE Best Internet Videos of the Week

This is really goofy and has no redeeming value – but it is fun and it is one of the top videos being watched on the net this week. Check it out – Fun, meaningless 2007 disco…

I Wanna Do Your Make-Up



McCourt’s In Session “Name Calling” – Tough talking Judge McCourt will force the truth out, and dispense invaluable nuggets of wisdom along the way. In this episode McCourt faces off with a dentist caught pulling a few extra teeth and a guy being sued by his sensitive brother for calling him rude names. From and the guys who make Chad Vader.


Did you see the Paris Hilton commercial – hot and sexy for Carls Jr? What do car washes and skimpy bikinis have to do with burgers? Anyhow it was sexy and very well made. Check out this not so sexy parody….justOne!Celebrity - Paris Hilton - Carl's Jr. Commercial Spoof

Paris Hilton – Carl’s Jr. Commercial Spoof


The Basics of Making Great Movies with Your Camcorder

How to Put your Videos Up On YouTube – YouTube is currently the world’s most popular video upload site and gets about 65,000 or more videos a day submitted to them.

The Guide to over 500 Top Video Web Sites – The WORLD’S BEST VIDEO WEB SITES

What Do You Need to Know to Make Movies with your Camcorder

Free Video Stuff – Software, Utilities, Downloads!!!!!



Where does a video cam confession end and scripted drama begin? What is the dividing line between a live web camera and a carefully edited fake video? Check out this highly popular short bit from YouTube – “Sluttiness Prevails” – oh to be a teenager in love....

Lindsay’s in Rehab Again!

Lindsay Lohan is in rehab AGAIN! This tune, Lindsay's in Rehab Again!reminiscent of “On The Road Again,” shows Lindsay and her friends Britney Spears and Nicole Richie BACK in the world of Hollywood Rehab!

More Lindsay Lohan Videos, Parodies and Vicious Stuff








Are you a religious person but wonder how come your prayers just don’t get answered? God seems to ignore your entreaties. You need to check out Submissive Jesus.

This is just one of a series of goofy, religious parody commercials found at the Submissive Jesus web site. You can buy own own Submissive Jesus Talking Prayer Answering Head statue….



Michael Vick IS Dog Food!Michael Vick IS Dog Food!. Brought to you from our good friends at National Lampoon, this parody ad is aimed at pro quarterback Michael Vick and his preoccupation with big, mean dogs.









This is the $5000 winner of the Atom Films Test Pilot contest Super Sam by Brent Triplett | United States

Super Sam would be the perfect superhero, if not for one small problem.

More Test Pilot Finalists














ReDeeming Rainbow is quite cool and very unique – created by Daniel McNamara






You’d think that having a rainbow for a roommate would be nice. You’d be WRONG! Two guys (and comedian Kristin Schaal) learn firsthand that living with ROY G BIV is a little lame – and creepy



Are you a train fanatic? Do you love old steam locomotives? Check out Steaming – Here’s one for all you old Techno Wizzards who love the old analogue locomotion of the steam era. Shot hand held on location in Leicestershire, Great Britain at the Loughborough Steam railway museum and railway. Some great nostalgic shots and an interview with John Price, Volunteer at the centre.







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